20 June 2013

If you Snooze, you win.

I have a huge crush on this Bear of mine, and because of that I am constantly trying to take him on little dates. So, this lovely Thursday late morning I decided to take him to my favorite breakfast place. It's actually a miracle that we've never gone before, but I always end up going there on "lady dates" and then bragging to Paul about how great it was when I get home (RUDE, I know.) However, today was the day that I finally got to take him. Snooze is a wonderful little breakfast place with the cutest atmosphere and the best pancakes. I love pancakes. But, you know what I love even more than pancakes? Hash browns! Well, just potatoes. My important loves in life go Paul, friends and family, and potatoes. So, of course I got Blueberry pancakes and hash browns. Paul got a breakfast burrito, and he fell in love. It's always so fun to see Paul experience things for the first time. He gets the biggest, sweetest smile on his face and will talk about how great it is for the next (roughly) four hours. After we got breakfast we topped off the meal with a Captain Crunch Berry Frapp from Starbucks. Yum! It's our absolutely favorite thing to share. We basically spent the day in breakfast heaven. I hope you all have been doing well while I've been barely blogging...I know, I know. I'm still just new to it. I WILL get better.
I love you all more than pancakes!

(A Captain Crunch Berry Frapp is a Strawberries and Cream frappacino with two pumps, if a grande, of Toffee Nut and some Java Chips. Get it, and prepare to be amazed.)

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  1. You are such a cutie! I actually have a breakfast place near me that has AWESOME food that I always brag about to my mister, too, but my issue is that he never wakes up before noon... Nobody serves breakfast that late! Crazy boys.
    xo Heather