11 September 2013

Breckenridge, Colorado Part Three

Lake Dillon is the most beautiful place that I've ever been. Every time we go there my heart stops as I look out at the deep greens and blues. I'm just so amazed by nature and all the beautiful things it offers us. I spend most days hoping that one day we can build a house right here, on the water, and live out the rest of our lives ebbing and flowing with those tides and with each other. I know, I'm a sap, but something that beautiful does that to you too, right?....right?!

29 August 2013

Breckenridge, Colorado Part Two

I debated for a while if I wanted to post these photos, or even more so, if I wanted to take these photos. This section of our day is centered around a rather sacred place. Some people associate it with fear, but I associate it with beauty. Cemeteries are a very heavy place to be. I personally never leave the same person as I came in. This particular cemetery is old....I mean, old. Easily the oldest cemetery I've ever seen, and there is something rather beautiful about that. There is something so beautiful about how these people are all still there. Sure, some might see them simply as bones beneath the dirt, but I see them as so much more, I see them as the human beings they were and the tributes they left behind. I know that a lot of people view cemeteries as a very personal space, which is why I put so much thought into it when I decided to photograph this place. My opinion, as I decided that day, might be a rather controversial one. I don't mean to offend anyone, nor do I mean to disrespect anyone. In my thoughts, by taking and posting these pictures I am simply respecting these people. I am not letting them be forgotten, and I am sharing their stories with those around me. I am bringing them back, if only for a day, in some small way. I find that beautiful. Now, if you don't...I'm sorry. I fully understand and respect your opinion, in fact, it makes so much sense to me. I honestly don't think that any opinion about something this personal can be wrong, and with that, I'm not looking to make anyone uncomfortable. So, please, forgive me. With that said, here are some of the powerful gravestones I stumbled upon, and carefully stood next to....because nothing feels more horrible than standing atop of someone....who, to me, is still a someone.

26 August 2013

Breckenridge, Colorado Part One

This past weekend the Bear and I went to Breck. If you ever come to Colorado you need to go to Breckenridge. And not, like, in the way that people say "you should really go to this hot dog stand, they make hot dogs out of Rattlesnake and toothpaste.." or whatever (how weird and awesome are hot dog places though, right?) I mean that you should REALLY go if you want your life to be changed for the better. It's just so beautiful and full of life.

I always forget how much nature inspires me until I go to places like Breckenridge. It's just so refreshing to be amongst the trees, water, and sunshine. Have I mentioned how beautiful it is yet? Well, we went there on Saturday and spent the entire day walking around a pond, riding on a gondola up to a alpine coaster, eating the yummiest Boca burgers ever, walking around a 200 year old cemetery, and wrapping it all up by playing in the stunning Lake Dillon. I have decided that I'm going to split the photos and stories from these days into three parts so that I don't overload my sweet readers all at once.

With that said, we started the day out by going to one of Paul's favorite fishing spots. I always love to see how excited he gets when he talks about fishing. He spent so much time explaining what he does to me and it was just so nice to be a part of something that he adores. It is also so fun to see the little fishies swimming around. I never remember how beautiful fish are until I'm face to face with one. They're really amazing. We then took a gondola up to ride on an alpine coaster! Have you ever heard of an alpine coaster? I hadn't! It's basically just a tiny roller coaster in the mountains that you overpay for and ride for three minutes, but it is awesome. Paul and I somehow got to sit together in one car which was fun and squished. We finished the beginning part of the day by walking through the town of Breckenridge and eating at the yummiest burger place called Empire Burger. You guys, I cannot even begin to express how good that place is. I find it so hard to find a place that serves a good veggie burger and even harder to find one that can make a good Boca burger, but this place nailed it. I fell in love. I am still day dreaming about that place and am going to force Bear to go up the Breck more often specifically for that burger. On our walk back to the car we spotted the cutest Schwinn bike store where we saw the most adorable bicycles. I need to get a cruiser one of these days.

24 August 2013

A day in the park.

I spend every day around crazy little ones who climb on me and scream in my ear, but I kind of love it. Isn't that ridiculous? Don't get me wrong some days I feel like a mad woman, but other days, well other days...I just feel so filled with love. This passed Friday I was able to take the little 7 year old twins (Gus and Mae) to the most beautiful park. This park has a playground, like most parks do, buuuuttttt.....it also has a train, a petting zoo, and a creek. Yes. I know. It's wonderful and fun and great and and and....and did I say petting zoo?! If you know me, you probably know that I have a little (big) obsession with farm animals. Needless to say, I had enough fun for all of us. I have to be honest, I am getting sad that Summer is coming to an end and that I won't be able to spend every second outside. Can someone please remind me how much I love (LOVE) Fall? Help a homegirl out.

21 August 2013

Lucy Rucy Roo

Lucy is almost 5 months old now. It's weird to think that we've already had her for so long. Most days she's a brat and I feel like pulling my hair out....but she's also the sweetest, cutest kitten I've ever met. I miss her when I'm not home and I get all of the fuzzy feelings when I see her nuzzled up against her dad. This little lady is the first step toward a life and a future. Maybe I love her so much because of what she symbolizes.....or maybe it's just because she's adorable and super snuggly. She rules.

06 August 2013

A little room in the basement.

Paul bear and I have been playing music together for six years now. In fact, I first met him while he was playing an open mic night ten years ago. Needless to say, music has been a huge part of our relationship. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of getting busy which has stopped us from making music as much as we used to. It's really a sad thing, because we have always been so passionate toward it. Recently, we've been talking more and more about getting back to writing and forcing ourselves to just sit down and record all of the things we've had brewing the last two years, and, well....we're trying to do it. Today was the first day in a while that we barricaded ourselves in the basement with giant headphones on and tried recording. It wasn't the most productive day, but gosh, it felt good. I always find myself getting giddy when I see Paul recording. It reminds me so much of how far we've come and how long it took us to get here. If I would have told the 11 year old me about this, she would die from excitement. I'm just so happy to be here singing, singing, singing away with my favorite human being. Boy, do we get all sorts of cranky when recording, never quite sure if I want to smother him with kisses or with the microphone which I think is the beauty of a relationship.....it's the most weirdly romantic thing in the world. I just love him and this life.
Am I annoying yet or what? Jeeze. Let's end this post with some pictures before this entire blog turns to mush.

03 August 2013

Guess who!

Hello Peaches, You may not have noticed, but I've been gone for quite a while. The reason, you ask? Well, the battery in my computer blew up. Okay, that's a little dra-ma-tic....but true-ish. The battery actually expanded inside the computer so I wasn't really able to use it. But, I'm back! Yay! My computer is fixed and my first day back I'm going to write about the best day...the day I pet and fed cows. I love cows. They are absolutely my favorite animal. It was amazing. Anyway, for Bear's birthday we decided that we were going to spend our weekend at the Renn Festival. We had never been before and we're extremely excited to go. Have you ever been? Oh. my. gosh. You would love it. I'm even using "you" in the general sense because I'm so confident that you would all love it. It's so fun! We got to see jousting, pet animals, see elephants, and genuinely pretend we were in a different time period. I absolutely loved it. The most amazing part was that I got to spend my sweet boy's 24th birthday with him. Any day with that man and his smile is the most perfect day. Here are some of my favorite pictures from the day: