06 August 2013

A little room in the basement.

Paul bear and I have been playing music together for six years now. In fact, I first met him while he was playing an open mic night ten years ago. Needless to say, music has been a huge part of our relationship. Unfortunately, life has a funny way of getting busy which has stopped us from making music as much as we used to. It's really a sad thing, because we have always been so passionate toward it. Recently, we've been talking more and more about getting back to writing and forcing ourselves to just sit down and record all of the things we've had brewing the last two years, and, well....we're trying to do it. Today was the first day in a while that we barricaded ourselves in the basement with giant headphones on and tried recording. It wasn't the most productive day, but gosh, it felt good. I always find myself getting giddy when I see Paul recording. It reminds me so much of how far we've come and how long it took us to get here. If I would have told the 11 year old me about this, she would die from excitement. I'm just so happy to be here singing, singing, singing away with my favorite human being. Boy, do we get all sorts of cranky when recording, never quite sure if I want to smother him with kisses or with the microphone which I think is the beauty of a relationship.....it's the most weirdly romantic thing in the world. I just love him and this life.
Am I annoying yet or what? Jeeze. Let's end this post with some pictures before this entire blog turns to mush.


  1. Cute! My husband and I like to sing together too! It really is fun!

  2. Yeeeears ago my best friend put The Simple Discussion and your cover of Volcano on a mix for me, and they've lived on many playlists since. It's seriously such a delight to know you two have things in the works.

  3. This is awesome. I love it when my husband gets his guitar out! I get all excited. I think when I fell in love with him was when I first saw him playing. : )