29 March 2013

A day at the Zoo with a bear

The weather has been slowly but surely warming up the past couple days which has given Bear and I the chance to get out and do things that bring us happiness. Yesterday, we decided it was the perfect day to go wandering around the Denver Zoo. It was such a lovely day filled with giggles and people watching. We spent at least 30 minutes just watching the elephants. Also, Paul has discovered his new favorite animal is the giraffe! It was really a wonderful day, but man, I forgot how tiring it is to walk around the zoo! I think it's safe to say that we got a work out. Every person who makes it around that zoo, or any zoo, in the heat deserves an ice cream cone..or six. Or at least this homegirl does.
Nevertheless, here are some of our quick pictures from the zoo.


  1. I've had mixed feelings about zoos, but lately I've been wanting to visit one. Mostly for the giraffes :)
    Looks like fun!

  2. cute pictures, i love the last two! and elephants are my absolute favorite :) could you two be any cuter? like seriously now haha! happy weekend to you :)