26 March 2013

Antiquing with us

Life sometimes has a funny way of giving you a break when you really need it. This, my friends, has been one of those times in my life. This is a wonderful week for Paul and I because it is our break from school. It allows us to have a lot of much needed down time to just be. Today, that meant going out on the arm of my caring man and being able to squeeze him whenever I wanted. Today, that meant we decided to spend the day with our heads, hands, and hearts buried so deeply in things that have a story. Today, that meant we went antiquing. The idea of being surrounded by second-hand things is so incredibly beautiful to me because they all have a story that goes so far beyond me and this moment. I find that therapeutic. I'm feeling so overwhelmed with love and appreciation for life today and I hope that you are all feeling the exact same way. You simply deserve it.
Here are the first round of photos from this amazing day.

Threw that last one in there for all of you who woke up today thinking "I really want to see a picture of the scariest doll ever today."
You're welcome.


  1. this looks like tables to tea cups in longmont? I could walk around that place for an entire day!


  2. such great photos!! :)


  3. your photos are so good, mandi!

    also, can i come next time? that dress is PERFECT. and i love antiquing. and you.

  4. …also, her eyes are RED. i mean, c'mon. who thought that was a good idea in the first place? what a frightening countenance.

  5. that doll is freaky for sure. but antiquing is fun! i love collecting teacups and i always find great ones at thrift stores and such :) ps. i love your tattoo, lady!


  6. beautiful photos and great blog! i read all posts, so i'm waiting for more! :)