19 March 2013

A little mud

As some of you many know, this passed week I was lucky enough to go out with the lovely Bri Lamkin for a little photo shoot. I should mention that I've only ever really gone to get my pictures taken one other time, and that was with Paul. Needless to say, I was a little nervous. Luckily, Bri is so great at putting people at ease behind the camera that it felt like it was just us...hanging out. Which I guess it was, but c'mon, you know what I mean..right...right? Anyway, Bri took me to this big, beautiful open space and we start making our way to a spot to take pictures. Well, one of the cuter things about open spaces (not!) is the mud that accumulates after some rain. Homegirl and I were sliding around like crazy trying to walk from place to place! Notice my shoes aren't in any of the pictures she took? I have to say though, it wouldn't have been the same without a little bit of chaos. The picture I posted above are my shoes two days after a photo shoot, I should probably get around to washing them sometime, but another day another dollar...or something. Next time you're feeling like taking pictures, but you don't want to step in the mud...DO IT. It makes it so much more fun. Plus, I bet you'll all look so lovely doing so.

Here's the third picture Bri sent me from our little shoot. She's crazy talented, isn't she? Sheesh!
There are still more to come!

Finally, it's not a day without a couple insta-shots, right?


  1. whoops, i never sent you the rest. you should have told me. I can email them to you.