18 March 2013

Music Monday

I've decided to start out this blog by creating a 'thing' I'm going to do every week. This specific thing is going to be called Music Monday. Now, I should start out by saying that not every week is going to be a new and upcoming band or anything of the sort...it will, however, be songs that have stuck out to me during the week. They may be new, or they may be 30 years old. So, I figured I would start it out with an old song from someone I used to listen to in high school. This artist is named Sam Amidon, and my gosh...isn't this song beautiful? It's called Saro. I chose this song because on my drive home from work today it came on shuffle, and my heart just exploded. I haven't listened to much music in the car lately, because I drive home in traffic every day so things tend to get overplayed. But, today was different, and this song was really the reason why. I haven't been able to find much music lately that touches me the way old music does, and maybe that's why I felt so wonderful hearing this. Sometimes music just hits you like a freight train and takes you exactly where you need to go. That happened today.

I hope you all love this as much as I do.
Happy listening!

1 comment:

  1. that was stunning. he also looks (and kind of sounds) just like my friend charlie -- i'll have to send this his way.