24 March 2013

We're home!

We're back from our little weekend away up North! It was a very beautiful, nice, and relaxing time. Paul and I went shopping and ate tons while we were away with my family. I can't say that I'm happy to be home...it's back to work and such. Well, as most who know me probably guessed, I took a lot of pictures of the inside of our room. That was about it. I forgot to bring my camera shopping, to dinners, or even to shoot my aunt and uncle. I'm new at this...remember?! However, I did get some good shots that felt post-worthy-ish. One of the most important parts of our trip was the food. Paul and I have a vacation mentality, which basically just means that we eat whatever we want without feeling guilty. So, we certainly did that, which included an entire pizza...each.

Then, as promised, here are a handful of pictures taken from our room.

Poor Paul had to endure a Dementor's kiss....or something.

Well, that's that! I have a couple more good ones that I'll try and post within the next couple of days! I hope you're all enjoying this lovely weekend, which for us, was filled with snow.


  1. Hello,

    I've just come across your blog (and glad I have). Cant wait to see the photos you'll put up and adventures you share.
    Hope you enjoy the land of the blogging!

    I think we need to be friends!

  2. i'm with you girl--i am alwaysss forgetting to bring my camera to things! maybe it's because i just have a little digital and i'm subconsciously annoyed with it? ha. still, looks like you had a wonderful trip. vacations are totally for pigging out on food, yay! the two of you are so cute geez :)


  3. i love the photo of the bed, and you by the window. oh, and the flaming hot cheetos. how are they SO good?! robbie brings a bag home at least once a week and we just stand in the kitchen and devour them.