25 March 2013

Music Monday

Here we are again, back to the beginning of the week, and you know what that means...
Music Monday is here at Little LadyFolk!
This week I decided to post someone who is very dear to my heart. As a younger girl I was always singing tunes to myself and trying to learn how to deal with having a very specific toned voice. I had to face the fact that I was never going to sound like a choir singer or Alicia Keys (which was exceptionally hard for me). So as the years went by I found myself drowning my ears in folk singers, specifically, Damien Rice. My entire high school life was practically engulfed by him and his ability to create moving, yet gentle pieces. As any of you Damien fans know, there is no Damien without a Lisa (or at least there wasn't) and, then, my adoration for Lisa Hannigan was born. Imagine for a second, a 14 year old version of me getting my hands on 'O' for the first time and hearing a woman's voice that was not like anyone else. This was the first moment when I really realized that I didn't have to fit into any voice boxes in order to produce beautiful music. Lisa Hannigan is the reason I went into music. Therefore, when thinking of songs to post this week, my mind quickly jumped to her. I'm so inspired by her and everything she does, and that's why I wanted to share not only one, but two videos with you. The first video is her playing a song called "Little Bird" off of her sophomore album called 'Passenger'. It is a stunningly beautiful song that I love every time I hear it. The second video is a short documentary of the making of 'Passenger'. It's a very fun video, and it shows just how much people enjoy making albums. I highly recommend that you watch them both because...hello...she's perfect. I can say without a doubt that she is my number one girl crush, because she's also the prettiest human being alive. So, there's that! I hope you all enjoy these videos.
If you're feeling bored right now, go write a song! You'd be amazed at what it does for the soul.


  1. ahhhh i love her too. i think i first heard "sea song" when i was at the height of my white stripes phase, and i was amazed by her because i just wasn't even aware people were making music like this.

  2. she is so amazing. i've always been in love with her and damien. this is one of my favorite songs of hers. you're right--she is quite simply beautiful. i have a low singing voice, and i had such a hard time finding my tone/style as well. folk music is just right for my voice...and for my soul too :) thanks for sharing mandi!

    grace & love,