07 April 2013

A little inspired by a lot of nostalgia.

Sometimes life gets busy and it takes you away from the things that you really love. For me, that thing is music. Paul and I have been playing music together for about 5 years now. I can still remember the days of singing covers and recording them on a single mic in his bedroom. We even shared our first kiss next to a mic stand in my bedroom when I was just barely 16. Music has always helped me grow as a human being, and allowed me to express all the mush in my head. However, as life has gotten busier, my ability to give proper time and love to music has faltered. I'm just not the same 12 year old girl who was begged by her best friends to sing Celine Dion songs (I know, I know). I miss that, and luckily, Paul and I have both been feeling this way. Which means, that we will soon be dedicating much more of our time to getting back into playing together. I cannot wait to share all of the music we write with you. We have about 6 songs as Folks and are looking forward to recording them sometime soon. Keep your eyes and ears open. On that same note, never stop doing what you're passionate about. I know that school and work have a funny way of getting in between things, but just remember how good you feel when you just stop...and do something that you love. It feels good to get a little wrapped up in hobbies. Now, here are some fun promo pictures of Paul and I from 2 years ago that our friend Luca Venter took.


  1. You're so beautiful mandi! Love those photos and I can't wait for some new music :]

  2. oh my gosh. these are beautiful.

  3. omg, so stunning photos! i can't stant it...