08 April 2013

Music Monday!

I know, I know...I missed last week! However, I'm back and ready to go. This music monday is going to be straight and to the point. This song isn't in English, but that doesn't make it any less magical. I have to say that I love this video so much. I found it late at night a couple years back while aimlessly searching youtube, and it really spoke to me. Something about the sweet whimsy of the whole thing is just lovely. The girl singing just appears to be having so much silly fun, which I can always appreciate. I hope you enjoy!
Happy listening!!


  1. this is awesome. i love how music can truly connect us all, despite language and culture. it's neat how countries can have similar genres, it sounds so folksy and great! she is adorable :) thanks for sharing!


  2. she's so adorable. this is beautiful. and i want to be friends with her.

  3. I love this music! this is so fun to hear it! xoxo