22 April 2013

Is it Spring yet?

In Colorado, Spring is basically the state's last chance to get as much snow in as possible. SO, we've been up to our knees in snow which melts the next day...and repeat! Saturday was one of the melting days last week, and that meant that Paul and I took advantage of it. We spent Saturday at the Botanic Gardens, eating Mexican food, and getting Jamba Juice. Needless to say, it was quite the beautiful day for us. At a whopping 55 degrees (it's Colorado, okay?!) we even got to go out in semi-spring clothes! It was all really exciting. I even convinced Paul to watch The Witches with me once we got home. Have you seen that movie? It's a classic kids movie. You should watch it because it's goofy, and scary, and great! I mentioned earlier that we ate Mexican, and let me tell you, I have been craving Mexican every day for the past month. It's so good. We even went to our favorite Mexican place called Hacienda, it's basically a "white person does Mexican food" kind of restaurant. Which, as a Mexican lady, you'd think I would be more interested in authentic food, but I LOVE that place. I put in my request to go there earlier in the week and Paul was thrilled because I almost never (unless forced) pick the place to eat. Indecisive princess, alert! It was really just a fun day and I just don't feel like I've been having enough of those lately. We're busy people, and I just don't like it. Cyndi got it right when she said that us girls just want to have fun....I'll do my work later....hopefully. Unfortunately, my camera is having a *moment* lately, so I wasn't able to bring it with us to the garden. But luckily for us, technology is pretty cool, and therefore we were able to take tons of pictures with our phones. So here are some blog exclusive phone pictures from Bear and I. I didn't even post most of them on Instagram because I wanted them to be just for YOU. Here we go, here's a peak at our little adventure.

Can we just stop for a second to talk about how obsessed I was with these little benches? They said the most beautiful things on them. I kept telling Paul that I wanted us to get one (a long, long time from now.)
Hope you lovelies are enjoying a little sunshine. It's back to snowing here....


  1. Okay, that bench quote is fabulous!! What beautiful pictures! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Aww the bench quote is so cute. Anyway I find it weird you talking about snow in there because here on Portugal this Spring feels like Summer already.
    That place you visited looks so lovely! =)


  3. we haven't made it out there yet! but am hoping to sometime this spring or summer…maybe…a….duh-bill-day-t. sound it out why dontcha?

    1. I'm always down for a duh-bill-day-t.....yoou know boo.