29 May 2013

A little hike with a little Bear

One of the greatest things about living in Colorado is the ability to go from city life to mountain life in about 20 minutes. It's really amazing. Bear and I often find ourselves yearning for the warm weather and the ability to go outside. So, yesterday we took advantage of this Colorado life that we lead and went hiking and wading in the water. I had never waded in water before, and let me tell you, it's really fun. Basically all you do is put these huge boots on that go up to your hips and go walk in the water. They're completely water-proof so you can romp around like nobody's business. Most of the time people (and Paul) wear them when you go fly fishing, but we didn't do that. We were supposed to, but ended up sleeping in too late to have the time, and I had to work later. So, we just wore them and ran around in the water. It was SO fun. You should all go try it some time! After that, we went on a short hike into the mountains and just talked. It was so lovely. There really is something so intoxicating about Colorado air. Oh, and the most exciting (and scary) thing was that we saw an actual rattlesnake! But, before you get all worried for us, it was just a little baby. I had never seen one before though so it was very scary! I could probably go on talking and talking, but I'll just let you guys look at some of the pictures we took. That's like 7,000 words anyway, right? Happy blogging!


  1. You two are quite a pair. Water wading? Who would have thought of that? I love it! :)

  2. this looks like so much fun! haha i love that you just used the boots for wading--much more fun anyway ;)


  3. that photo of the open road is beautiful, mandi.