30 May 2013

The new Bluths

I am a huge pop-culture nerd. I love television shows more than is socially acceptable, but you know what? I don't care -- they're wonderful. With that said, an old favorite has returned (as I'm sure most of you know)! Arrested Development is amazing, and has always been amazing. It was really horrible to see such a wonderful show get cancelled so many years back. Therefore, I was patiently waiting for the new episodes to be released on Netflix. It has been 10 years since the first episode of Arrested Development and that means A LOT has changed. The writing style, the format, and obviously...the actors. Portia De Rossi is so babely in real life, but she looked crazy scary as Lindsay Bluth this time around. I'm sure they did that on purpose though, because making that lady look strange had to take A TON of make-up. Anyway, a lot of people have been hating on the new episodes of the show for various reasons. Mostly because of how different the structuring of the show is. This time around each character has their own storyline which doesn't directly involve the other characters all that much. This is very different from the original series because the entire show was based around the chaotic interactions between this family. Also, supposedly a lot of the scenes were edited together with a green screen because some of the actor's schedules didn't match up, and to be honest...I couldn't tell. But, it seemed to upset a lot of fans. Before I go on and on about the show and end up ruining everything for you guys, I'll just shout out my opinion now... I loved the new season. I get that it was super foreign and different, but I still loved it. I kind of loved how organized it felt, but I did wish every one had gotten together more often. Also, I would have loved more Tobias-Lindsay/George Michael-Maeby action...but you know? We can't have our cake and eat it too. So, I'd have to say that this was like having a cookie and being able to eat it for about eight and a half hours straight. I think it was great, and I was just so happy to see these people again....such a sap...I'm mostly just hoping that they do another season....and another....and it goes on until Michael Cera is too old to stand on his own. But, you know me, I can be a little selfish with my fictional characters. What did you all think of it? Feel free to tell me you hated it...and I'll feel free to remind you of when Tobias thought he was taking acting classes as a Methadone clinic...oh my gosh.
Hope you're laughing!


  1. Tobias's episode was my absolute favorite! I really did miss all of the family interacting with each other though. But yeah, after we watched it I was just like, "THAT'S IT? nothing is resolved? I just want these people to have happy endings!!" (But I hear a movie is coming out...) So as soon as we finished the last episode, we watched a bit of the first episode again, and it was already loads funnier the second time since you're able to pick up subtle clues and such.

    Oh, and when George Michael was about to do his own interpretation of a chicken I got so excited, but then a bit distraught when he didn't follow through, haha.

  2. I love the new episodes! Maybe I'm just seeing it all through rose-coloured glasses because I love the show so much and I have been waiting for more episodes for YEARS, but I think they've done a great job with the season, using it to lead up to the movie.
    Plus, Netflix said they'd love to do more seasons. So maybe the seasons after the movie will be more "classic" Arrested Development.