09 May 2013

Hello, My Darlings.

Okay, Okay. I know, I have been completely not-blogging lately. Let me be the first to say, I'm so sorry. I hope you know that I am missing this whole blog thing so much. Not to mention, I am missing hearing from all of you. I'm really, really looking forward to getting back into blogging especially with my big-girl camera, and my big girl thoughts. It's just so freeing and fun! However, right now, I have been drowning in finals...college....am I right? Goodness. Anyway, I have been up to a couple other things when I'm not studying or going to class. One of those things was seeing Aziz Ansari do stand up. You guys, it was perfect. I don't think I have ever laughed so much in my life. Not to mention, he is incredibly sincere and kind in person. If you have the chance to go see him, do it. Sometimes I think we take laughing for granted. Laughing has to be one of the healthiest things for us. I'm just so thankful for all the laughing induced tummy pains that I had that night. It's really a blessing. Here are some insta-shots of what else I've been up to lately (other than missing you dolls!)


  1. your face is pretty. i want to see aziz. paul looks like wallace in that last photo -- as in wallace & grommet. & finals suck, dude.

  2. that sounds like so much fun. you look presh in that hat!

  3. Me encanta tu blog ;) unas fotos geniales, besos