13 May 2013

Music Monday!

And we're back! I'm in my last week of school so hopefully that means I will have a lot more free time to post and blog! Anyway, this week is a special week because Paul and I are in the process of recording a Fleetwood Mac cover before we get back into recording our originals. Therefore, I wanted this week's Music Monday to have something to do with that! So, I picked out my all time favorite video of Stevie Nicks. Now, this video is not like the usual videos I post, because it's not really a "performance" video. This is actually a run through of one of Stevie's older songs while she's getting her make up done. I love this video because it just shows how effortless it was for her to sing those songs. It just seems so natural and I love that. Well, here you are. Enjoy your week, babes!


  1. i can't wait to hear your fleetwood cover!

  2. omg i've been obsessed with this version of the song for so long! it's so nice to see someone else loving + posting about it! i can't wait for your version— this song seriously gives me chills!