02 June 2013

A hot (dog) date!

Last night Paul and I were itching to do something fun and go on a little adventure. So, I decided that I'd finally take him to my favorite hot dog place that I went to once a while back for work. It's called Steve's Snappin' Dogs. Steve's is one of those cute old time-y hot dog stands that if you drove by you wouldn't think twice. BUT, that place is GOOD. Oh my god, I am so in love with their veggie dogs and fries. I consider myself a french fry connoisseur and these fries live up to the hype. So, yummy! Not to mention Steve's is owned by the cutest little husband and wife who first ran a food truck before opening their first store. I've even met the owner before because he came in to make balloon animals for the kids the last time I'd gone. He's so kind and you can tell really loves his job. I was a little nervous bringing Paul because I had hyped it up so much since the first time I came, but he loved it. He kept saying how we should try and come back a couple times a month and my heart did a little flutter. So, if you're ever in the Denver area stop by Steve's they have vegetarian and gluten free stuff galore! Also, call Bear and I because we'd LOVE a reason to go back again and again...and again...and probably again.

P.S: Could my Bear be any cuter? God, I know.


  1. so glad you're as obsessed with it as we are. let's goooooo!

  2. Yuuuuum, I miss American hot dogs! And girl I have to inform you, your boytoy is a stud!

    xo Becky