01 June 2013

Meet little Lucille Wineinger

Paul and I got a kitten last week! She's pretty much been the light of our lives and our first real step toward "parenting". Lucy is the first pet that Paul and I have ever had that has been "mine" or "his" or "ours". It's been such a fun step in our lives to have something really belong to us. She is 2 months old and weight 2 lbs. I don't think I've ever seen an animal so small. She's really an interesting little lady who enjoys playing, staring out the window, falling asleep on her parents, and jumping from place to place. Also, one of the weirdest things is how much she likes to watch videos about other cats on the computer. It's really funny and adorable. We will give you updates here and there about our little growing Lucy, and let you know how she's doing. She is currently sick with a cold so wish her a quick recovery!


  1. I wish so much that we had a kitty around our apartment, but the mister is not a fan. Or a "pet person" in general, really. He says we don't have the space in our little apartment. I guess I'll just have to wait until we have a house and get a giant Great Pyrenees or something! Ha. Your little girl is too precious.

  2. She looks so sweet! When my first cat (I have 3 o.O) was a baby, she was a little pain, but you can't be mad at those faces, lol.

  3. how cute is she!! i'm dying to get a kitten but sadly my apartments don't allow it! good luck with the parenting ;)