26 August 2013

Breckenridge, Colorado Part One

This past weekend the Bear and I went to Breck. If you ever come to Colorado you need to go to Breckenridge. And not, like, in the way that people say "you should really go to this hot dog stand, they make hot dogs out of Rattlesnake and toothpaste.." or whatever (how weird and awesome are hot dog places though, right?) I mean that you should REALLY go if you want your life to be changed for the better. It's just so beautiful and full of life.

I always forget how much nature inspires me until I go to places like Breckenridge. It's just so refreshing to be amongst the trees, water, and sunshine. Have I mentioned how beautiful it is yet? Well, we went there on Saturday and spent the entire day walking around a pond, riding on a gondola up to a alpine coaster, eating the yummiest Boca burgers ever, walking around a 200 year old cemetery, and wrapping it all up by playing in the stunning Lake Dillon. I have decided that I'm going to split the photos and stories from these days into three parts so that I don't overload my sweet readers all at once.

With that said, we started the day out by going to one of Paul's favorite fishing spots. I always love to see how excited he gets when he talks about fishing. He spent so much time explaining what he does to me and it was just so nice to be a part of something that he adores. It is also so fun to see the little fishies swimming around. I never remember how beautiful fish are until I'm face to face with one. They're really amazing. We then took a gondola up to ride on an alpine coaster! Have you ever heard of an alpine coaster? I hadn't! It's basically just a tiny roller coaster in the mountains that you overpay for and ride for three minutes, but it is awesome. Paul and I somehow got to sit together in one car which was fun and squished. We finished the beginning part of the day by walking through the town of Breckenridge and eating at the yummiest burger place called Empire Burger. You guys, I cannot even begin to express how good that place is. I find it so hard to find a place that serves a good veggie burger and even harder to find one that can make a good Boca burger, but this place nailed it. I fell in love. I am still day dreaming about that place and am going to force Bear to go up the Breck more often specifically for that burger. On our walk back to the car we spotted the cutest Schwinn bike store where we saw the most adorable bicycles. I need to get a cruiser one of these days.


  1. Thank you for the recommendation! My husband and I are working towards buying an RV and traveling the country full-time. So I'm always looking to add something to my list and this place looks beautiful. I especially love the first and fourth photos, capturing the nature of the place.

  2. looks like the best kind of day! captured beautifully.

  3. You two seem like such a sweet couple and this trip seems amazing! I've gone on a skiing trip to Colorado and I would love to return soon to see all of the sights. The Boca burgers sound so yummy!

    Xo, Hannah


  4. you two are beyond cute! that place looks amazing