29 August 2013

Breckenridge, Colorado Part Two

I debated for a while if I wanted to post these photos, or even more so, if I wanted to take these photos. This section of our day is centered around a rather sacred place. Some people associate it with fear, but I associate it with beauty. Cemeteries are a very heavy place to be. I personally never leave the same person as I came in. This particular cemetery is old....I mean, old. Easily the oldest cemetery I've ever seen, and there is something rather beautiful about that. There is something so beautiful about how these people are all still there. Sure, some might see them simply as bones beneath the dirt, but I see them as so much more, I see them as the human beings they were and the tributes they left behind. I know that a lot of people view cemeteries as a very personal space, which is why I put so much thought into it when I decided to photograph this place. My opinion, as I decided that day, might be a rather controversial one. I don't mean to offend anyone, nor do I mean to disrespect anyone. In my thoughts, by taking and posting these pictures I am simply respecting these people. I am not letting them be forgotten, and I am sharing their stories with those around me. I am bringing them back, if only for a day, in some small way. I find that beautiful. Now, if you don't...I'm sorry. I fully understand and respect your opinion, in fact, it makes so much sense to me. I honestly don't think that any opinion about something this personal can be wrong, and with that, I'm not looking to make anyone uncomfortable. So, please, forgive me. With that said, here are some of the powerful gravestones I stumbled upon, and carefully stood next to....because nothing feels more horrible than standing atop of someone....who, to me, is still a someone.


  1. I love cemeteries. They're so peaceful and, like you, I still think of those buried there as "someones." I love reading their names and dates of their life and imagine what they might have been like. I agree, I think it's a form of respect, not letting them be forgotten. I honestly read each name and consider each one as an individual. Anyways, your pictures are beautiful :]

  2. Cemeteries are beautiful and inspiring (although I do sometimes get scared in them haha). You would absolutely LOVE the cemetery on St. Simon's Island in Georgia. It's called Christ Church & Cemetery, and it's even older than this one. The church and grounds surrounding it are absolutely stunning :) If you're ever in Georgia, be sure to check it out!

  3. interesting, i don't think i have ever seen a cemetary on another blog before! way to try something different. I wrote two posts about medieval cemetaries / tombstones near where I live in Bosnia: http://pilgrimography.com/2013/07/10/stones-heart/ and http://pilgrimography.com/2012/11/20/fairytale-urbanism/