14 April 2013

24 favorite Insta-shots of all-time (so far)

I've had Instagram for almost two years now which means that it has been there with me to save memories for quite some time. Recently, I decided to go through my Instagram and look at all of my old pictures. If you haven't done this, you should, it's so fun! I went back and found some of my favorite moments and decided it'd be fun to share them with you. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane! None of these pictures are in a particular order...I thought it'd be more fun that way!

Left; From the inside of the Stanley Hotel (here's Mandi!) Right; An Elk we saw on Paul and I's way to Estes to do a ghost tour of the Stanley Hotel with his family.

Left; The outside of the Stanley Hotel. Right; My favorite picture of Mae (the little girl I nanny) and their cat (but I like to call her my cat...Sparkler)

Left; When I lovingly convinced Paul to do a face mask with me (for the first time..) Right; A shot from when Paul took me canoeing in Breckenridge for my 20th birthday!

Left; New Years of 2013, at 12 o'clock. Right; What happens when I ask Paul to take a picture with my while he's busy working.

Left; Playing music with Paul when I wrote my first song on the guitar for Folks. Right; My perfect dog, D.

Left; One of the few times Mae has fallen asleep on me. Right; Mae and her brother Gus playing in the sprinklers last Summer. This perfectly describes their personalities.

Left; When I told Paul he'd have to dress more Latino when he met my Mexican side of the family. Right; A picture of Lake Dillon.

Left; Paul and I at my 20th birthday party with my parents. Right; My dad at the same party.

Left; Paul and I at Lake Dillon. Right; A picnic with G&M.

Left; A shot of Paul and I's drive to Fairplay for our first weekend away together. Right; The view from our room in Fairplay.

Left; A lady dinner date with my best friend, Yael. Right; Our first Christmas as an "us".

Left; A smiley kiss after hiking a mountain with my best friend. Right; the first time I got to see Bri's apartment when she made me the yummiest dinner...yay for girl friends.


  1. these are all so great! instagram is so nice for keeping track of everyday memories. i love the face mask pic--i have a similar one with my guy!

  2. i'm so obsessed with instagram, and your photos are gorg! so many great memories :) happy monday!


  3. this seriously makes me so happy i can hardly stand it. i may have to steal this post idea from you…i'll link, o'course!

    also, you're…like…TOO pretty.

  4. Those face masks are great! :)

    And I'm your newest follower!