09 April 2013

Warm weather is on its way!

It is now April and that means that Colorado is getting out its last bits of snow. In fact, I am writing this from my bedroom as snow falls all around me. I, personally, love the snow. It always allows me to see the beauty and calmness in the world. Not to mention, Bear and I often sled down hills at 11pm after a big storm (I'm hoping that we never grow up). But as much as I love the Winter, there is a thirst that the snow just can't quench. I'm starting to get anxious for dresses without tights, Slurpees instead of icicles, and rolling down big green hills without snow. April for Colorado means that warm weather comes and goes like an old friend. With that means that one day we have a picnic and the next we have a blizzard. Paul and I had a wonderful picnic the other day. It was just us, the sun, and some sandwiches. I'm looking forward to spending this Summer outside with soccer balls and BBQs. I can just imagine all the hikes and bike rides already and it is getting me so excited. I plan on documenting this warm weather as much as I can! I hope you are all as excited as I am to be out and about. I have to go brush the snow off of my car now and then go start the newest season of Game of Thrones (hello, snow heaven). Let me leave these pictures of our picnic meal to hold you (and me) over until the warm weather makes a return. I should probably start re-watch Breaking Bad instead...oh the warmth of New Mexico.


  1. you're speaking my language, sister.
    soft-falling snow is one of my very, very favorite things in the world.
    but right now…i'm so sick of black tights, i could actually explode.

  2. Your blog is adorable! I'm currently working on remodeling mine, any tips?